This page is a community watch dog page to monitor the public activities of the Company "Sobeys" a grocery store business in Canada.

This page was created by myself Jason MacKenzie , who used to be an employee of their company in a high corporate position in SAP & Business Design for the Toronto Stock Market in Canada.

Public concerns in Nova Scotia arose after their company "Sobeys" sued the Nova Scotia Government to overturn a public referendum so they could open their stores on Sundays against the result of the referendum.

The Nova Scotia Courts ruled that Sobeys was allowed to sue to hear their case which is against the laws of Canada.

Meaning that when the Nova Scotia Government accepted to hear the case that a private business could sue to change the public results of a vote by the citizens they accepted to hear it.

Meaning, they no longer represent the people and they are no longer our government as they sided against us the citizens in their decision. Removing our rights to vote in Nova Scotia as Citizens in Halifax, which is not allowed by the laws of Canada.

The Nova Scotia Government was not supposed to take the case because that is illegal in Canada and had to tell them to leave.

They did not, they decided to agree with Sobeys and then joined in their discussion to remove the rights of citizens to vote in Nova Scotia which is illegal under Canada's Constitution.

That means they are all fired. In the meantime Sobeys continues to operate on Sundays and the Canadian Government has never taken accountability for those actions so we are on our own without them to resolve the public voting concerns and issues in Nova Scotia to put public accountability back into the Government Offices in Canada.

I have decided to make this page so that their public activities can easily viewed as we await for public accountability and public resolution form the Government Of Canada.


July 31, 2019 - Sobeys Plans To Stop Using Plastic Bags: